Nic Mitchell produces “the kind of specialist journalism, with a thoughtful analysis, that people really want”, said BBC online education news editor Sean Coughlan.

University World News co-founding editor Karen MacGregor described his writing style as “reliable, accurate, independent and insightful.”

Nic Mitchell, left, with fellow life members of the European HE comms network, Ulrike Reimann from Germany and Chris Coe from UK

It’s an approach to writing about international higher education that works equally well in media outlets as it does when European and UK universities want to revitalise their English-language publications and online communications.

Since launching his own consultancy De la Cour Communications in 2012, Nic and his team of freelance journalists and writers have provided native-speaking English-language copy & editing and other communication support to universities in Sweden, Norway and the Czech Republic as well as to UK universities and the European Universities communication network, EUPRIO.

Nic’s reports and features regularly appear in University World News, Times Higher Education special supplements and other higher education specialist media and websites.

Here’s a sample of some of the projects we’ve been involved with

Times Higher Education special supplements

Quantum leaps in computing – UNSW Sydney

On the attack in the lab and the field: eradicating vector-borne diseases – University of South Florida

University of Durham

Dunelm – Durham University’s Alumni magazine: interviewing leading female football coach Annie Zaidi and Smiti Kumar, president of the North American Foundation for the University

Oslo Met University, Norway

Interviews with researchers for online and printed English-language publications, including a look at the Horizon 2020 funded DARE project into  why some young people are attracted to extremist groups 

University World News

Online fee-paying libraries tackle textbook inflation

British TNE is up in the EU – but down in older markets. See trends in transnational education


Stormy times ahead for international student mobility – a look at some of the main challenges ahead for recruiting students from abroad in 2020 and beyond

Did three little words win it for Boris Johnson? – the Brexit slogan that won #GE2019 and where next for Labour

Transnational education offers UK universities a post-Brexit “silver lining” – a look at TNE opportunities in Europe

Video interviews

Talking to speakers at EUPRIO’s conference in Sevilla, Spain last year for EUPRIO’s YouTube channel.

Awards and acknowledgements

Nic Mitchell with the 2015 CIPR Award. Picture by Emily Hughes.


Nic won the Outstanding Higher Education Journalism Award from the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in 2015 for his report for BBC news online on the brain drain from countries such as Lithuania since the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.

Three of his articles were selected for a book Understanding Higher Education Internationalization – insights from key global publications published by the Center of International Higher Education at Boston College, USA, in 2017.

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* Nic is a member of the National Union of Journalists’ Public Relations and Communications Council and also writes a Cancer-talk blog about his fight against and survival from bowel cancer, with tips and advice that others might find helpful.