Photograph: StudyPortals

We are a pioneering European consultancy helping universities to tell compelling stories about their international and collaborative research activities in native English.

Led by award-winning journalist and blogger Nic Mitchell, we’ve supported universities in the mainland Europe and the United Kingdom over the last eight years with high quality English-language editorial for their online and printed communications.

We’re focused on encouraging international engagement in higher education and public understanding of the impact of scientific research.

Current clients include the European Universities Communication Network EUPRIO, where we manage social media and provide news reports, blogs and coverage of their conferences and events.

Nic regularly writes for leading Higher Education media such as University World News on subjects ranging from the impact of COVID-19 on the future of international higher education to the implications of Brexit on European universities.

Nic also give tips and advice for those going through cancer treatment and coping with self-isolation.

He won the UK’s CIPR Outstanding Higher Education Journalism Award for his in-depth investigation for the BBC on the student brain drain from Eastern Europe after countries like Lithuania joined the EU.

Endorsing his work, BBC Online Education News Editor Sean Coughlan said Nic produces “the kind of specialist journalism, with a thoughtful analysis, that people really want”, while University World News co-founding editor Karen MacGregor described his writing style as “reliable, accurate, independent and insightful.”

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