Our services focus on providing the international higher education sector and media with professional communications in the native English language. 

We focus on international higher education collaboration and changing trends in student recruitment and produce original material for specialist publications to raise the research and teaching profile of global universities.


Our news reports and blogs cover everything from the growing number of prospective international students putting off their study abroad plans because of the coronavirus to how universities around Europe are overcoming the challenges of communicating during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our founder Nic Mitchell also offers tips for coping with self-isolation drawing on lessons from his year fighting cancer in 2015.

We’ve also examined the challenges of growing transnational education (TNE) in South East Asia and the post-Brexit confusion around future UK participation in the EU’s research and mobility programmes for University World News.

For the European higher education PR network, EUPRIO, we’ve blogged about the need for closer collaboration between marketing and international offices to boost reputation on the world stage and the need for better auditing of higher education social media activity.


Working with Times Higher Education special supplements, we’ve interviewed Russian researchers using brain-computer interaction to help epilepsy sufferers, American scientists fighting malaria in the South Florida swamps and the pioneering quantum physicist and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons on creating a super computer using silicon at the University of New South Wales.

For Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) in Norway (previouslyHiOA), we interviewed scientists working on European Union Horizon 2020 funded research projects, such as the multi-country DARE project investigating the attraction of terrorism for young people.


We’ve supported universities in Scandinavia marketing their Bachelor and postgraduate programmes taught in English to foreign students with fresh editorial for websites and printed publications and produced stories on UK students studying abroad.

Our sub-editing team helped Charles University in Prague with English-language publications strengthening their international reputation among students and researchers and provided editorial to promote their annual conferences and workshops around Europe.

Our founder Nic Mitchell won the Outstanding Higher Education Journalism Award from the CIPR) in 2015 for his report for BBC news online on the East to West European brain drain since the fall of Communism. 

So, we can turn our skills to almost any issue facing international higher education and research. Please get in touch if you need our help.