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England’s unfinished higher education revolution!

NIC MITCHELL gives EUPRIO members heading to the UK for the 2013 annual conference a quick overview of the “radical” or “bonkers” brave new world of English higher education. It’s been an ‘interesting’ 15 months since I wrote the first of my semi-regular blogs for the EUPRIO website in which I tried to explain to […]

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Don’t overlook your ‘internal’ stakeholders!

NIC MITCHELL welcomes the overarching theme for this year’s conference of European higher education communicators at the University of Kent at the end of June. IT CAN be all too easy to overlook one of the most powerful assets to a university’s brand in the rush to impress external stakeholders. For while we professional communicators […]

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Stormy start to 2013 for German higher education

A new series of occasional blogs on higher education trends in different countries and issues facing European universities starts by looking at Germany. I have Sweden and the UK lined-up on the horizon and hope the blogs help increase understanding on what’s happening in in higher education around Europe. NOT the start to 2013 that […]

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Going abroad for your master’s degree ?

George Leech is part a new trend of British graduates going abroad for their master’s degrees. For years, British students had a well-earned reputation for being the ‘stay-at-home’ types, rarely moving outside the country for their higher education in sharp contrast to the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals attending UK universities. Now a combination […]

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Fees up, grades down and waiting game for universities and students!

So, how is the British experiment of transferring the main cost of going to university from the State to the student going?  As the first week of the brave new world comes to an end, NIC MITCHELL investigates…   Well, it is only a few days since the release of ‘A’ level results on 16 […]

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